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Architecture Design

With its expertise in ideating, conceptualising, designing, and constructing spaces of different capacity and magnitude, Sri Architect Interiors brings to the table rich experience that ensures that all its deliverables and services are of the highest quality offering maximum...
Architecture Design
Architectural consultants

Architectural consultants

Designing and conceptualising a space is the most important process in the construction of that space. Therefore the job of an architectural consultant is seen to be extremely crucial when it comes to the successful construction and completion of any space.

Interior designs

At Sri Architect Interiors, we believe in quality and timely delivery when it comes to our services. Offering some of the best interior designing solutions in Theni, we keep working on ourselves and our team to ensure that we stay up-to-date with the market trends and developments.
Interior Design
Construction consultants

Construction consultants

As important as the designing process is, implementation of the designs are also equally important. Our construction consultants ensure that all the designs that are crafted and created as a part of the designing process are perfectly put into practice.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
Our consultation process begins with meeting the client and procuring all the requirements for the project from them. This process is seen to be one of the most important since it will provide a checklist for us against which we can compare our final outcome. In this process, we take care to make a note of all the requirements of our customers. Our talented interior designers and consultants also provide their suggestions and inputs to further enhance the project in hand. This is what makes us one of the most sought afterinterior design companies in Theni. This way both the client and the designers reach a consensus on the various components and elements for the project.
This process involves the strategic and meticulous planning of our interior designers, decorators, and consultants. With all the requirements from the customers side, this step sees our team putting in tireless efforts to come up with creative, innovative, novel solutions that are not only refreshing and new in the market but also light on the cost. Be it modular kitchens, false ceilings, or rooftop gardens, our interior designers and decorators try to incorporate all customer demands. They bring their expert opinions and years of practical and theoretical experience to the table to create something that would be a perfect match to the requirements of our customers. Although these ideas are still in the process of being discussed, they form a key basis for the next step.
This is the step where the ideas discussed and curated in the previous stage are now put to paper. Our interior design specialists draw and give shape to these ideas. This stage is also where the final project is given a face and a shape which helps the team as well as the clients to identify with it. This is arguably the most important part in the process since here is where all our ideas are put to test. Once the ideas are put on paper, our team of skilled, professional, and dedicated interior designers, decorators, and consultants brainstorm over these to ensure that they are foolproof, reliable, and guarantee 100% success.
This is the final stage of the process where all the ideas that have been generated over the last few steps get implemented into a real, large scale project. Our highly skilled interior designers and construction consultants oversee the process and ensure that all activities go as per the carefully curated plans in the previous stages. Further, they are always on standby to offer their expert guidance and help incase of any glitches and/or hiccups while carrying out the project. This is also an important step, for it goes back to the first step to ensure that all requirements of our customers are met with and provided for. The success of this process ensures that we establish ourselves as market leaders in the interior design and architectural design industry in Theni as well as in India.
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